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OMC Machinery srl

It was 1983, passion for mechanics, determination, perseverance: Livio Colleoni founded what is now OMC Machinery srl in his garage.
40 years have passed since then, but the fighting spirit continues to grow, and the support of the family that works with him today pushes him to technological and innovative growth every day.
At OMC Machinery, they design and manufacture presses for processing wood, rubber, polyurethane, solid surfaces and innovative materials.
Thanks to 5 specialized departments: engineering, woodworking and welding, electro-oil-pneumatic, surface treatment and finishing, they are able to produce every detail autonomously.
In this way, they monitor the machine and each of its components at every stage of production.
All this gives this series of presses not only solidity and reliability over time, but also the possibility of customization based on the specific needs of the customer.
From their many years of experience, they understand that building the "Right Press" dialog is essential: The first step to success is a complete understanding of processing needs and recommending the right machine configuration.