PL90s 3000x1300 mm PS VBO/VBA |
An oil-heated press from the Italian manufacturer OMC. The structure of the press is composed of assembled and welded beams, quality steel Fe 430. The structure of the mobile work surface and the fixed work surface is made of assembled and welded steel beams. The press is equipped with toothed racks and a pinion guide system for perfect parallel movement when opening / closing the table. The press is completely manufactured at OMC, including the pistons.
Worktop size: 3000 x 1300 mm
Stroke: 400 mm
Lift tip: sliding worktop lower
Work table tip: serpentine with aluminum cladding
Total compression: 90 tons on 80% of the surface
Pistons: 6 pistons with a diameter of 70 mm
Specific pressure: 2.56 kg/cm2 on 100% surface
Loading, unloading length: 3000 mm
Heating: electric boiler with oil, 18 kW
Maximum temperature: 120°C
Opening standard: automatic using a timer
Control Panel: Standard
Power supply: 400V, 50Hz, 3ph
Standard: CE
Safety features: Perimeter safety cable, emergency button and two-handed operation