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Griggio Machinery Srl

GRIGGIO MACHINERY is a Padova company founded by Filippo and Paolo Griggio of the second and third generations, which has been a leader in the woodworking machinery sector since 1946. The current socio-economic context has led both partners to profound identity changes to guarantee their customers the quality, service and competitiveness that have always been present in the company's vision.
We also visited Griggio Machinery in 2022 and were really surprised here. We expected machines from China and only a respray on the Griggio (as is often the case now), but the opposite was true.
Making our own frame saw carriages was the first time we really saw it and knew right away that we wanted to offer this product to you, our customers. Two halls full of CNC, in-house production for almost everything, final assembly. We really believed that the history and tradition of Griggio is back!