QUADRA 400 | Legdan.cz
The highest range of formatting saws from the Griggio workshop. Formatting saws are characterized by robustness and reliability with the production process completely in the Griggio plant in Italy.
The base of the machine is always made of sheet steel with a thickness of up to 12 mm in the places of greatest stress. The large base gives the machine high stability, while the powder coating ensures long life over time.
QUADRA 400 machines are offered in variants:
STANDARD: manual tilting, manually adjustable precut and motorized lift of the main saw blade
PLUS: motorized tilting using linear drives, digital tilt display and electronically adjustable pre-cut with automatic ON-OFF vertical positioning.
EVO: electronically controlled 3-axis positioning with display
3DIGIT: electronically controlled 3 axis
5DIGIT: electronically controlled 5 axis
  • Minimum size of the part: 50×300×2 mm
  • Extraction nozzle: ⌀120 mm, ⌀ 80 mm
  • Noise level of the machine: 81 db
  • Saw blade motor hl: 5.5 kW (optionally 7.5 and 9.0 kW)
  • Saw blade speed: 3000-4000-5000 rpm (converter optional)
  • Saw blade tilt: 0-46°
  • Thickness of dividing knife: 2.8 mm
  • Maximum cutter size (optional): ⌀200×15 mm
  • Pre-cut motor: 0.55 kW
  • Diameter of pre-cut saw blade (shaft ⌀20 mm): 125 mm
  • Pre-cut speed: 8000 rpm
  • Dimensions of the telescopic extension guide: (STD) 2010 mm - 3280 mm
  • Cutting length between saw blade and guide: 1250 mm - 3280 mm (1600 mm (optional))
  • Saw carriage length: 1270 mm (STD), 1050 mm (1600 mm version)