Metalstar 2000 was born from the life project of Ota Cusano, when he started working in Rimini in 1980 as a young welder, where every day he did not stop dreaming of his own company.
The opportunity to capitalize on the experience gained in the engineering sector arose in 2000 together with the first partners when they founded Metalstar 2000.
It is an engineering company that provides the foundations for all woodworking machines in the area. Biesse, SCM, Casadei and many others would not be on the market if it weren't for Metalstar 2000.
But this company not only supplies for the aforementioned global players, but also manufactures its own brand, Futura Woodmac, at the same top quality.
Their production and production completely captivated us during our visit in 2022. Oto Cusano is full of zest for life, and when he introduces you to production, you have to be up to speed in order to be enough for him.
Futura Woodmac machines are a guarantee of top quality for us. With the support of Metalstar 2000, their products are truly world class, for example the in-house manufacturing of gearboxes is proof of that.
In short, whether you are looking for four-sided milling machines, CNC milling machines, grinders or reverse conveyors, machines from their workshop are a great choice.