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CVM s.r.l.

It was 1981 when Messrs. Carcianelli, Valeri and Catalani founded CVM, a small artisan company dedicated to the design and construction of machinery for the furniture industry, in the heart of the furniture district of central Italy. From direct experience in the workshops, the owners have perfected the knowledge that can only be developed by someone who has lived in the field. Passion, curiosity and the desire to engage and face the changes dictated by technological progress have allowed CVM to expand and improve its production in the world of furniture industry.
These are top manufacturers in the field of conveyors and handling machines. They specialize in the design of entire industrial handling lines, packaging and assembly systems for assembled and modular furniture, industrial warehouses, industrial loading and transport systems.
Today, CVM has a team of engineering and mechanical engineering specialists born and raised with the company.
Respect, trust and transparency are values that the company has always respected both with the customer and with its internal colleagues. And that is why we cooperate with CVM, because we respect similar values.