Drilling CNC Center: Top Technology for Precision Manufacturing
Drilling CNC centers such as the IMAGIC series from the IMA Schelling Group represent cutting-edge technology for the precision production of wooden and other material components. With a modern design and advanced functions, the drilling center is the ideal solution for production processes that require high precision and efficiency.
Advanced Technology For Efficient Production
Thanks to high-speed drilling heads and precise CNC controls, IMAGIC provides not only fast but also precise production. The system enables programmable setup of various types of drilling, tapping and milling with minimal or no human intervention.
Flexibility For Different Applications
IMAGIC is designed with flexibility and a wide range of applications in mind. From furniture production to doors and other wooden components, this equipment can handle diverse tasks and production processes with maximum efficiency.
Precision Manufacturing With Maximum Reliability
IMAGIC's emphasis on precision processing and maximum reliability ensures that each product meets the highest quality standards. With high precision and repeatability, IMAGIC is the ideal choice for manufacturing components that require perfect flatness and precision.
Modern Solutions for Your Production Processes
IMAGIC brings modern solutions for your production processes. With a high level of automation and programmability, it allows you to optimize your production processes and achieve consistent results with minimal operating costs.