TUNNEL320 | Legdan.cz

Tunnel 320 is the top of the range of Paoloni proposals for automating the painting and pre-finishing processes of laminated beams and solid wood profiles for the construction of green architecture houses and wooden structures.

Thanks to its innovative indirect impregnation system, which obviously adds to the classic flow coating system of direct spraying of the product on the wooden profiles, it is possible to apply high viscosity products, anti-UV protectors and fungicides, but also products with high capacity of color coverage and intense pigmentation. The hybrid indirect roller application system consists of a precise and repeatable application of the quantity of paint or impregnating agent applied on each side of the wooden profile, and finally a group of 5 motorized brushes ensures a perfect surface finish.

If desired, it is always possible to use the option of spraying the treatment liquid directly onto the wood, simply by dismantling the application rollers.

The 5 motorized finishing brushes, under pressure against the wood, are adjustable as desired, and are connected to inverters with modulated variation which change both the direction of rotation and their speed of revolutions per minute as desired: it is thus possible to decide how much paint spread and how much to remove from the spreading that has just taken place on the wood due to the application rollers, so as to remove any excess and put it into filtered recirculation.

The easy disassembly of the brushes and the system connected to the pump allow quick cleaning and a color change in no more than 20 minutes at the end of the process.

Machine dimensions: 2850 X 1300 X 2000 mm
Machine weight: 950 Kg
Adjustable speed: 5-42 mt/min
Rated power (three phases including inverter): 6.9 Hp
Length min: The machine is intended for long straight profiles and wooden elements, but on request it is also possible to modify the Tunnel320 with medium traction rollers, which guarantee the pulling of profiles from 650 mm in the shortest length (if necessary, even less).
Width (min-max): 10 / 320 mm (up to 420 mm optional)
Thickness (min-max): 10 / 320 mm (up to 420 mm optional)
Number of engines: 6 pcs
Number of powered brushes: 5 pcs
Number of cleaning brushes: 4 pcs
Number of nozzles: On request, it is possible to install compressed air blowers to clean and clear irregular profiles from excess liquid (pen groove, milling belts, oblique cuts, etc.).