Joining:  01/07/2022 full time, but unofficially already from February 2022.
What I am responsible for: In our company, I am mainly responsible for supporting the guys from the office and also creating offers for clients (for machines, spare parts or tools). I also have the company's CRM system under my thumb and everything related to it, i.e. invoicing, website management and overall marketing of our small company..
My work history and company philosophy: The ERASMUS study program directed me to the field of woodworking machines, when I went to study engineering in Parma, Italy, where I learned Italian. It was Italian that directed me to my first job, where I worked for 6 years as a service manager for a company selling woodworking machines. This is where I met Michal and where I brought Zdenál Kaderka, whom I have known since high school.
However, my second job, the Brno netbox, influenced me the most in terms of thinking. I have been here for almost 6 years and have discovered a truly new universe. Just working in the marketing department was a big leap in itself. But netbox was simply different. and here I became who I am today.
I understood what it means to be a cyclist, 200 km to Lysa Hora with local fighters, not everyone had the courage to do that in the netbox. When you have the co-owner of JustWine as your business director, then you will only find out what good wine really is. But most of all, watching the visionary, Marko Bukal, who founded netbox, was something that simply has to change you. Marek liked quality, and it was also evident in our marketing department, where I really worked with the greatest experts and sometimes I actually thought to myself: "What the hell am I doing here?"
Today I know that I want to do things differently than others. Just like I wouldn't have a bad drink or food, I wouldn't offer a bad product to our clients. Just as you won't find a bad bottle of wine at my house, so here at LEGDAN s.r.o. you won't find a bad product. And even if it does happen (even the best wine can sometimes get corked), we will replace the machine or refund your money. In short, I believe that the bet on quality, a fair and original approach to the client will return to us one day!
What I do after work: At home I have a wonderful wife who always supports me and two children. So I'm entertained. My biggest hobby at home is cooking. In general, I like good food and great wine. I try to cycle about 5000 km every year, so if you can't call me sometimes, I'm probably sitting in the saddle and riding to or from work. You can even occasionally meet me as a guide on cycling tours in Italy, CK ALPINA. In general, I love spending time in nature and I do not disdain quality culture, which I myself try to do in the village where I live.